About us

From rural tradition of my country I have learned that the country has its own needs and his times and requires sacrifices.

From my father and my grandfather I learned that the land, if respected, repays the labors.

The pleasure of eating healthy, the love of tradition, passion for our work, respect for nature, are the principles that drive our company.

We believe that only a careful selection of products can conquer the palates and donate a small daily pleasure.

To ensure the best product at “zero miles”, we deal directly with the collection, processing, wholesale NHL jerseys packaging and distribution of our products through traditional methods that allow us to preserve traditional flavors of our land.

The company’s goal La Regale and family Andreev is to promote and market the Piedmont Hazelnut IGP with the direct cultivation of the product in the land located in the municipalities of Albaretto wholesale nhl jerseys 2019 della Torre, Feisoglio, Lequio Berria, Rodello, Serravalle Langhe and Sinio.