Direct processing


We follow every single step of the production in the field to the processing and transformation in the final product to be used by the pastry as an ingredient for the preparation of cakes and in recipes of our Piedmont cuisine and many other regions.

Once matured, the fruits are detached from the plant and disperse on the ground below.

The operation of the collection of our hazelnuts is carried out with a self-propelled machine, which allows us to collect all the fruits without damaging them.

Later, we separate all impurities from hazelnuts and good fruit from the empty ones. At this point, the nuts are put to dry to remove excess moisture, and finally the product is stored in dry and well ventilated.


The calibration operation is performed by special machines that use vibrating screens with holes from 14 to 20 mm.

Once calibrated hazelnuts, you switch to the shelling, where the fruit of the hazelnut is separated from its shell.

The calibration operation of shelled hazelnuts is also performed with special machines that use vibrating screens with holes from 12 to 14 mm.

In this phase the nuts are made to slide on a sorting belt where expert hands check that each nut has the characteristics necessary to pass to the phase do roasting, removing, if necessary, those which present imperfections.


It consists in subjecting the nuts to a temperature of about 150ºC for about 30 minutes to remove the residual moisture and exalt the characteristic aromas of the fruit.
In this phase the fruit separates from the film that covers it.

The hazelnuts are again made to pass on a sorting belt so as to eliminate those that do not have the desired quality standards.

At this point, the nuts are ready to be packed in special vacuum bags of different capacities or processed in:

FLOUR hazelnut
GRAIN hazelnut
PASTRY hazelnut